This is a test case for development of research process wikis for K12 students whom are doing long-term research projects such as "IB Extended Essays" for the International Baccalaureate degree. CREDITS: The original template used as an example here was developed to help students at Springfield Township High School - sorry, can't find a NAME yet! (OK, I think Joyce Valenza was probably the author of the template..) The final template will be different, and will incorporate "Big 6" concepts etc. but this is mainly a proof-of-concept thing here, so don't worry about the exact content yet!

Here's The Idea:

  • Each student starts with their own pre-defined wiki (similar to this one) with initialized pages with directions, and navigation. Their work is organized by the initial structure of the wiki. Their work and content is entered into it.
  • Students will initially go through the sections shown on the left menu, as assigned.
  • Each page explains the activity they are expected to do as that part of their Research Process.
  • Each page shows the areas where students will enter their writing and results of inquiry, with the characters >>

What's really different:
  • Teachers / Advisors can quickly go directly to recent student work and edits using "Recent Changes" !
  • Teachers / Advisors can also enter comments and suggestions directly into the student's wiki pages.
  • Students can find teachers comments immediately with "Recent Changes".
  • Teachers and Students can get emails immediately when updates are done, 'homework is checked' etc.

So: This a non-traditional use of a Wiki: NOT for creating a collaboratively-developed web-published document, but rather as a private working document which is a collaboration between the student researcher and their mentor/teacher/assessor. The researcher's work product here then becomes the basis of a final work, which might take many different forms.. a paper, a presentation, a web-publication, or, if appropriate, even a Wiki!

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